Project Completion | 28 Pickett St

In collaboration with Neoscape for our valued client Smorgon Gutman Group (SGG), we take great pride in this SDA project, aimed at meeting the specialised housing needs of our community. Guided by the expertise of Morris Goding Access, Kapitol group were able to facilitate this rewarding project.

"The final product has satisfied the aim of creating homes for members of the community who may have additional accessibility requirements, whilst maintaining independence and privacy"
James Smorgon - SGG

Distinguished from any previous residential ventures we've undertaken, this project stands as a testament to its unique nature, that's why we would like to thank the following key consultants who helped bring this project to life!

Architect: BayleyWard
Project Management: Neoscape Pty Ltd
Building Surveyor: SWA
Services Engineer: Stantec
Structural Engineer: EDGE Consulting Engineers
Quantity Surveyor: a2m Consulting
Fire Engineer: Stantec
Fa├žade Engineer: TTW Engineers (Taylor Thomson Whitting)
Landscape Consultant: Davidson Design Studio Pty Ltd
SDA Consultant: MGAC - A Jensen Hughes Company

Photographer: Capture Point Media

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