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Great projects happen when you have even greater people

Our people, and their experiences, are our greatest asset at Kapitol Group. We are so proud to have been recognised in the top 5 Wrk+ Best Places to Work for the past two years, the first time a construction company has ever achieved this. 

Not only do our people have many decades of combined industry experience, but most importantly, they genuinely love what they do. And it shows. 

When you partner with us, you meet passionate in-house delivery teams, expert head office specialists, and have access to a trusted, high-quality subcontractor network. Our commitment to long-term relationships means that every aspect is managed to exact performance standards. 

Our many return clients recognise the distinct excellence-driven culture and solutions-based approach that we work hard to cultivate at Kapitol Group.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

In 2022, Kapitol commenced preparation for our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) application with Reconciliation Australia (RA). Our first RAP (Reflect) was formally endorsed by RA in November 2023.

The steps in our first Reflect RAP involve committing to a means for scoping and developing relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, deciding our vision for reconciliation, and exploring our sphere of influence. We have commenced meeting our RAP obligations to-date by completing the following:

- Developing a matrices of actions and delegating these tasks across the company;
- Undertaking Cultural Awareness training across the company with the Koorie Heritage Trust;
- Becoming members of Supply Nation with the intent of integrating indigenous owned businesses into our supply chain company-wide as a matter of process;
- Engaging indigenous artist, Lou Bloomer, to provide artwork which we display at all of our building sites (see Lou's work 'Cityscape');
- Researching the indigenous significance of the area of all our building sites as part of the site establishment process and communicating this with our site teams and stakeholders.

Our Vision

Build the best buildings, do no harm, and improve the construction industry for a better life.



We are empathetic and make a genuine effort to understand one another. We proudly stand together, actively help others, and create opportunities for teammates to excel.


We allow our colleagues to be themselves. By accepting others for who they are, we learn, we trust, we respect. Every interaction is based on honesty and transparency.


We fearlessly lead by example and never dismiss new ideas. As a team of inquisitive thinkers, we always look to the future and constantly strive to find better ways to do things.


We back ourselves and call out poor performance when work doesn’t meet expectations. We are goal focused, deliver on promises, and celebrate milestones.


We are dedicated to deeply understanding our customers’ expectations and committed to going above and beyond at every interaction. By nurturing relationships built on trust and reliability, we pave the way to improve the construction industry together.

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Health and safety

Site safety for our employees, visitors, contractors, and the public is a top priority. With a dedicated team of experienced HSE professionals, we reduce incidents and injuries with the aim of zero harm. Our 10 in 14 program is an example of our commitment to reducing burnout and improving work-life balance in an industry that has long been incompatible with maintaining well-being.

Quality Assurance

The advantage of being a new builder in an established industry is being unrestricted by the legacy structures that are no longer fit for purpose. Instead, we continually test new systems to improve how we work. Take our construction software, it allows us to identify and fix issues in minutes, not days. Every step is logged so it can be reviewed and shared to benefit future projects.

Knowledge sharing

Construction knowledge can quickly become siloed, reducing critical interactions between teams. Not at Kapitol – we use online systems and processes to drive authentic internal collaboration and communication. Expertise is shared and lessons are learned in an environment that removes the fear of owning a mistake, instead promoting accountability as essential to improvement.

Sharper thinking

We are led by professionals who interrogate every aspect of the design and build processes, geared towards delivering faster and smarter. The return on our need for perpetual improvement is evident through our track record, our projects are our proof.
We research healthy construction practices and resource-efficient methods that are future-minded. Being a force for good is a non-negotiable in how we do business.

Our team

Innovators at heart, we revel in rising above the norm.

Changemakers and visionaries with exceptional industry experience – that’s who we are. We only work with the best in the business and build in ways that make us proud. Meet our out-of-the-box thinkers below.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Our Operational Team