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Recent developments are underway within our organisation's leadership and construction management teams!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of three new positions to our Senior Leadership team, reflecting our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our workforce and achieving excellence in our projects. Additionally, we're proud to share the promotion of a longstanding member of the Kapitol Group to our esteemed Construction Management team. These changes signify our dedication to fostering growth and expertise within our ranks, ultimately enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Amanda Clements - Head of ESQ & ESG

Amanda's mission is to help great teams do extraordinary things. She has a wealth of expertise with over 18 years’ experience working across health, safety, quality, and sustainability in a range of organisations, including in Tier-1 construction. Amanda adopts a human centred approach informed by her studies in diverse fields including safety science, psychology, sustainability, risk and business management.

Amanda is also the Founder & CEO of The Collective Lab - a for-impact social enterprise that aims to enhance workplace performance while prioritising the wellbeing of people by applying innovative methods for accelerating positive change in workplaces.

At Kapitol, Amanda will be responsible for guiding the adoption and implementation of the highest levels of health, safety, quality and ESG across our organisation and projects, with a focus on strategising, innovation and optimising performance.

On Amanda's appointment, Kapitol Director Dave Caputo explains "our decision to bring someone of Amanda’s calibre on board demonstrates our continued investment in developing Kapitol and helping to improve the construction industry for a better life ."

Julie Wright - Chief Technology Officer

With over 25 years' experience, Julie has impeccable expertise in integrated leadership across end-to-end IT, digital strategy, design, delivery, and operations, encompassing various industries and global organisational contexts.

At Kapitol we follow a mantra of 'smart people, smart work'. By investing in our people, technology and innovative systems and processes we are able to support our team in a collaborative manner, improve their productivity and cut back their working hours. Julie's role reflects this commitment and we're excited to see how she will continue to implement positive change to rapidly growing business.

Director Andrew Deveson shared his excitement for this new addition to the Kapitol team, "This strategic milestone not only signifies a groundbreaking moment for Kapitol but also resonates with our vision of redefining work dynamics. Julie's appointment marks the inauguration of a pivotal role that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to our team and cutting down their working hours."

Elliot Cattell - Construction Manager

We are excited to share that Elliot Cattell has been promoted to Construction Manager. Elliot is a highly skilled Senior Project Manager with 5 years’ experience across a wide range of projects—from complex data centres to high rise commercial towers. Bringing with him extensive Tier 1 experience, Elliot began work as a Project Manager at Kapitol Group in early 2019.

He rapidly progressed to managing the delivery of major data centre projects for NEXTDC, starting with M2 Stage 2, subsequently worked on NEXTDC’s M3 Data Centre (Phase 1) as well as two other hyperscale data centres for an international client worth over $600m.

His knowledge and project management skills coupled with his ability to manage diverse stakeholder networks, ensure that his projects succeed against all program, budget and quality deliverables. 

Caitlin Holmes - Learning & Development Manager

With an unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth, Caitlin excels in teaching, program design, coaching, mentoring, leadership, and management—all while intricately considering the psychology of adult learning and development. Caitlin brings a wealth of experience in training and development, which complements our dedication to continuous learning.

In 2023 we launched our L&D program and in the past 12 months our staff have completed over 8000 hours of training on a range of technical and non-technical topics, from waterproofing to mental health awareness. Caitlin will be responsible for taking our training to the next level - with another 9 new training topics under construction and more in the pipeline.

Kevin Hogan - Head of Design & Digital Engineering

Kevin has been part of Kapitol Group for nearly 3 years as Senior Design Manager and now heads up our team of 20+ Design Managers & Digital Engineers. He has resolved designs for mixed-use and commercial projects, large scale data centres, and residential projects. He is well-versed at Building Information Modelling (BIM) and manages digitisation in design and construction proactively identifying and resolving issues in planning before they materialise in project delivery. 

Kevin is reliable, energetic and an enthusiastic team leader who the Kapitol Group team is very proud to have representing the innovative Design and Digital Engineering team!

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