NEXTDC M1 Data Hall 8

Kapitol were engaged to construct data hall 8, a break-out space and meeting rooms at NEXTDC's M1 Melbourne data centre. The 5-month programme icluded a fast-tracked design and subsequent delivery of a new data hall space within a suspended office adjacent to an already operational data centre. The works required the installation of a secondary structure, floor, and ceiling to accommodate increased load requirements.   

The project was adjacent to a hyperscale occupied data hall, interconnect rooms, and client office spaces. Therefore, the timing of noisy works were programmed to occur out of hours to avoid disruption. Mechanical protection was installed around existing infrastructure to avoid any damage. The works also required concrete cutting and coring so containment measures had to be established prior to undertaking work. 

Works were also required to integrate into the existing mechanical, electrical, fire and CSMS infrastructure, requiring MOPs and necessary customer notifications and approvals. A detailed investigation was undertaken to verify that the built conditions aligned with the documentation ahead of finalising design and undertaking the works. 
Port Melbourne, Victoria
VIA Architects
Industrial Data Centre

Fast Facts

  • 4-month


  • 1.2


  • Fast-tracked

    Design & Delivery

Kapitol are proud to have been engaged by NEXTDC to complete projects across all three of its Melbourne data centres; M1, M2 and M3.