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Kapitol Group Head Office

The new Kapitol offices were a unique opportunity to create a new typology of office space in the heart of downtown Melbourne. Addressing the challenges of a post-pandemic office world, the design re-energises the co-working sector with a new take on the workplace. Cues are taken from a variety of different working environments including open plan, activity-based and conference rooms, to deliver a space that is comfortable, highly functional and visually appealing.

As both the client and the builder, Kapitol understood perfectly the needs of their workforce and as such, incorporated into the building design a range of COVID protection measures. This includes a UVC air disinfection system to clean the air; an upgraded outside air fan to pump more clean air into the office; an upgraded filtration system with custom filters which removes air particles, including germs; and overnight air purification where the air is purged and clean air is pumped in.

Embracing a biophilic design methodology, Kapitol's office has been designed to maximise employee well-being. Every desk in the office can be electronically adjusted for both sitting and standing, an imperative OHS requirement for the modern office environment. The incorporation of greenery throughout the space creates a calming atmosphere, and the use of natural materials such as the spotted gum armour panel, contributes to a sense of connection with nature. 
Kapitol Group
Docklands, Victoria
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