Environment, Social & Governance

Building a better future, doing no harm

Kapitol Group is committed to building a better future by establishing strong foundations in our environmental, social and governance practices today. This ensures we are positioned to manage the diverse and increasingly complex range of issues and opportunities of the future. 

We recognise that effective corporate governance is fundamental to achieving our environmental and social objectives. Our ESG strategy is centred around implementing innovative and practical initiatives that prioritise: 

  • Decarbonisation 
  • Circularity
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Mental health & wellbeing
  • Safety 
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Reconciliation & social procurement, and 
  • Learning & development.

As part of our vision to ‘do no harm’, we aim to minimise our impact through our ESG commitments. 

We are also committed to reducing the construction industry’s impact by using our position as industry leaders to share and promote ESG initiatives, supporting the progression of the construction industry to build a better future for all.  

Hear more about Kapitol's ESG strategy & targets

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Our commitments

Our ESG strategy will continue to develop and grow as we do. By having a dedicated ESG team and a committed executive, we can continue to be proactive in the identification and mitigation of key ESG risks and work on areas of opportunity to ensure we comply with applicable laws, and ensure ethical business practices. 

Some of our current achievements and commitments include:

Our achievements to-date

  • 40% female representation in executive leadership and female representation company-wide 10% above the industry average
  • 1 hour of learning and development per person per week 
  • One of the first Principal Contractors to achieve a 5-day work week.

Our current commitments

  • Average 92% of waste is diverted from landfill on every project 
  • 100% renewable grid power for all operations
  • 100% modern slavery reporting compliance 
  • 1% of employees working hours dedicated to volunteering as part of the 1% pledge
  • Embodied carbon modelling on all data centre projects.

Our future focus  

  • 2025 calculate our baseline emissions 
  • 2025 95% of waste diverted from landfill 
  • 2026 Report our Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions 
  • 2030 Fossil fuel free construction 
  • 2026 40-hour work week. 

Sustainable innovation: trial cuts diesel use by 80%

Kapitol Group trialled two battery storage units (AMPD Enertainers) from Australia's leading off-grid power solution distributor, Blue Diamond. These were used to power three electric cranes and onsite amenities on a large data centre construction site.

This substitution of traditional diesel power for an electric alternative;

  • Reduced site diesel consumption by 7,600 litres a month and 15.2 tonnes of carbon.

Overall the use of this technology can reduce the diesel consumption of construction projects by 80%.

AMPD Enertainer trial at MEL05 data centre

Constructing change: our social commitment

Social Procurement

Social and sustainable procurement is embedded in Kapitol Group’s procurement processes and is centralised through the Procurement Manager, ESG Manager and Commercial Manager, who work closely to ensure project requirements are met whilst also keeping social and sustainable procurement front-of-mind.

We have established connections to social enterprises and are always seeking new partnerships. By focusing on the social value of our projects and operations, and exploring our sphere of influence, we have contributed over $13 million to female, social and indigenous owned enterprises in one year. 

Indigenous Reconciliation & Inclusion

An extension of our social procurement objectives is the development of our first Reconciliation Action Plan. We embarked on this journey because we have cultivated a shared organisational belief to pursue every opportunity for improvement. Our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (Reflect) was formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia in November 2023. Through this process we have reflected on our state of knowledge and implemented internal programs including, cultural awareness training and experiences to enhance this.  

Community Contribution 

Outside of our project operations, we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the community. That’s why we’ve committed to the 1% pledge and dedicated 3 days of paid volunteering per year for our employees. 

We partner with various organisations that promote social enterprise and support the community including Foodbank Victoria, Fruit2Work, Starlight Foundation, and Computerbank.


Organisations we support

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Building success, building people: Our employee promise

At Kapitol Group, our business thrives because of our people. We invest in their growth, knowing it fuels our success. Our commitment to social objectives and our workforce underpins everything we do. 

We aim to have the best-trained construction workers in Australia, using storytelling as a powerful learning tool. 

Diversity is key, and we continually improve in this area, fostering a culture of inclusion and support. 

Our focus on work-life balance includes innovative programs like '10 in 14' to reduce fatigue and increase flexibility. 

Mental health and well-being are paramount, with training and support programs for all employees.

We lead by example, driving improvements in the construction industry in the key areas of health, safety, and the environment.