Kapitol Group Modern Slavery Statement

Kapitol Group is a privately owned, Melbourne-based, construction company that specialises in providing design, delivery, and service excellence to clients in Victoria’s mid-scale project arena. At Kapitol Group, we acknowledge that the business sector we operate in harbours inherent modern slavery risk, and we recognise the role we can play to combat slavery in all its forms. Kapitol Group adopts a zero-tolerance stance towards any form of slavery, and we are committed to building a robust response framework that tackles modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chain. 

Kapitol Group is committed to sustainability, the well-being of our team and giving back to the community, and our industry. We approach our counter-slavery response as part of that overarching commitment to respecting human rights, sustainability and achieving our company vision. We also see our response aligning with our core values: supportive, authentic, inspirational, and driven. This Statement is Kapitol Group’s first Statement under the Modern Slavery Act (2018) Cth. 

In our first reporting year, Kapitol Group have focused on understanding areas of risk, existing structures, policies, and procedures. This Statement sets out our existing processes, systems and actions to tackle modern slavery, as well as targets we have set ourselves to build on our existing systems and actions. We have started implementing many of the targets we have set ourselves already and we will be reporting on those in our next Modern Slavery Statement, in line with the reporting timelines under the Act.

Download our full Modern Slavery Statement below.