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VSBA Portfolio

VSBA Portfolio
Kapitol Group is proud to be a construction company of choice for the Victorian School Building Authority. To date, we have led the successful planning, design, and delivery of projects for the Southern Autistic School and Staughton College, and currently under construction is a new multi-storey grade 5 and 6 satellite campus at Clifton Hill Primary School which will be Passivhaus certified. This project is due for completion in late 2022.

Our work has included reimagining learning spaces to support the best educational experiences, and the redesign and build of vital sporting facilities. A key achievement with VSBA has been the execution of works in a live environment for children with autism, accommodating sensitivity needs and allowing the safe movement of students to and from school grounds.
Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA)

This new two-storey specialist learning and administration building encompasses dedicated media, art, science and music rooms as well as an outdoor space to uplift the educational experience offered at the school. On level two, staff enjoy purpose-built office spaces, work zones and meeting rooms, as well as breakout areas to plan, collaborate and host presentations or events.

Building in a live environment always presents its challenges. However, this project was particularly unique because the project team required a heightened awareness of the needs of children with autism. Our team introduced a number of initiatives to accommodate the complex sensitivities of the environment such as daily communication check-points, as well as pausing construction to allow the movement of students arriving and leaving school grounds.

The architect for this project was HEDE who are specialists in the design of buildings for people with disabilities. 

Construction was completed in 2021.

This new building is a great uplift to the school's facilities and features two new basketball courts, ground floor amenities, a gym, and a new classroom. The project team were also able to reduce the environmental impact of the build by retaining and reusing some of the existing structure which minimised wastage.

“It was great to deliver a fantastic new facility for Staughton College staff, students and the local community to use and enjoy. Despite a few challenges, including working during COVID lockdowns, the team worked hard to hand over a high standard finish over the course of 8-months”, said Project Manager Harry Baylis.

It’s been our great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with the Victorian School Building Authority again in delivering a facility which will no doubt bring a lot of joy to the students at Staughton College. 

The architect for the project was 1:1 Architects. 

Construction was completed in 2021.

This project delivers on the expansion plans of Clifton Hill Primary School with the construction of a new multi-story satellite campus to accommodate the school's grade 5 and 6 students. The building is four floors and 2440m2 with 10 classrooms, four practical activity rooms, 7 consult/meeting rooms, a ground floor multi-purpose room, synthetic turf rooftop terrace, and an open-air plant area.

The project features cross laminated timber flooring and is being built to achieve Passivhaus certification. The Passivhaus standard means that certified buildings consume up to 90% less energy than conventional buildings through five key design principles; air-tightness, thermal insulation, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, high performance windows, and no thermal bridges.

The architect for the project is JCB Architects.

Construction is due for completion in late 2022.

Kapitol Group is proud to be a construction company of choice for the Victorian School Building Authority.