Got big ambitions?

So do we.

We’re building the Kapitol Group team the same way we build our projects – with the highest quality in mind.

We’re on the lookout for the best and brightest people in the industry who want to step up to play a big role in an agile, innovative company.

Small team. Big know-how.

Kapitol Group is a unique place to work. We tap into over 180 years of leadership experience in construction management. Our directors and senior management team share this body of knowledge to nurture the personal and professional development of everyone who joins the team.

culture & ethics

We’re growing our tight collaborative team. Our culture is inclusive and non-discriminatory. We recognise and celebrate individuality with Kapitol Group hiring a diverse range of people. For example, over 30% of our workforce is comprised of women which sits above the industry average.




We stir things up and do what it takes to deliver the best result.

Because we focus on excellence, we challenge ourselves and the status quo of or our industry. We’re highly motivated and always looking for a new angle, better ways, fresh thinking. We ruthlessly cut away the noise and silos that slow us down or hold us back from doing our best. 


be different

We try new ways and back ourselves to make them successful.

We want to innovate and succeed. We employ people for their intellect, not their time and anyone can speak up. There’s no monopoly on good ideas; it if adds value, we’ll try it; if there’s risk, we’ll embrace it; if it helps us do the job better, we’ll make it part of our way.


Keep it real

We’re authentic, genuine and hard-working professionals.

We deal straight with our clients, subbies and one another. We get the best from our colleagues by being ourselves. We’re fun, no-nonsense and focused on the results, not the politics or the bureaucracy. Because we’re grounded by the performance mindset we’re always one step ahead.


stand & deliver

We make it happen, make it our own and stand beside the result.

If we say it, we do it. We’re disciplined in our approach and empowered to take ownership of our work. And because it’s our work, we take pride in making it great. We’re honest with one another because we know that as a team we can solve any problem.


shoot high

We think big, move as an agile team and drive our own destiny.

Every day, we invest in the best people, technology and relationships, always with an eye on where we want to be in the future. We strive to improve how we deliver and work together, so we can build our core strength as a team and increase our bench weight as a business.


The Kapitol way

Do you naturally challenge current methods? Do you strive to leave a long lasting and positive impression on everyone you work with? Have you built a reputation that speaks for itself when it comes to your outstanding skills and great attitude?

We’re all about building a team that has fun and enjoys the good times, but is also ready to power through the challenges together.

You will be valued as a critical member of the team. We share the responsibility and opportunity to nurture and respect each others’ talent, individuality, and contribution.

We also promise you won’t get bored. Bring your energy every day!

Kapitol Group is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome skilled people regardless of age, sexuality, gender, disability, nationality, religion and race. This value is embedded deeply throughout the business. If you’re a great fit for the job, then you’re exactly who we’re looking for.

drop us a line

If you’re keen to have a challenging and rewarding career in construction management in Melbourne, Australia, we’d love to hear from you.

Send your CV and supporting documents to